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God’s (Universal Father/Mother in/of the Supreme Center of All Evolving Perfection–I have to put caps because it’s all too worship-deserving) perfect will is the only way.  Everything else begets non-reality, chaos and death.

Share your inner life with God. Humble yourself and bring Him into every second of your earth life. Do not hide from the one who loves you the most, and is as close as indwelling. Do not be misguided and follow the impulses of the flesh and the bonds of death while the Earthly Mother’s table is full and alive and singing, still. Most importantly,  do not miss your calling. do not be distracted. Do not let someone else do the work of which the Universe has assigned you. Recall what you have signed up for, a long, long time ago.

The new religion of the Master, the new “religion” of Jesus and his Life and Teachings and the Truth of the Brother/Sisterhood of Man and the co-related Truth of the Father/Motherhood of God is ALIVE, and its ambassadors are called to LIVE it, as the “…harvest is indeed plenteous, but the laborers are few…”

“…therefore I exhort all of you to pray that the Lord of the harvest will send still other laborers into his harvest. I am about to set you apart as messengers of the kingdom; I am about to send you to Jew and gentile as lambs among wolves. As you go your ways, two and two, I instruct you to carry neither purse nor extra clothing, for you go forth on this first mission for only a short season. Salute no man by the way, attend only to your work. Whenever you go to stay at a home, first say: Peace be to this household. If those who love peace live therein, you shall abide there; if not, then shall you depart. And having selected this home, remain there for your stay in that city, eating and drinking whatever is set before you. And you do this because the laborer is worthy of his sustenance. Move not from house to house because a better lodging may be offered. Remember, as you go forth proclaiming peace on earth and good will among men, you must contend with bitter and self-deceived enemies; therefore be as wise as serpents while you are also as harmless as doves.” —– 163:1.3 The Urantia Book

find the Urantia Papers (Cosmology–Mind and Soul)

find the Papers of the Essenes in the Dead Sea Scrolls (Health–Body)

“By this time there was much murmuring in the synagogue, and such a tumult was threatened that Jesus stood up and said: “Let us be patient; the truth never suffers from honest examination…”

“…I am all that you say but more. The Father and I are one; the Son does only that which the Father teaches him, while all those who are given to the Son by the Father, the Son will receive to himself. You have read where it is written in the Prophets, ‘You shall all be taught by God,’ and that ‘Those whom the Father teaches will hear also his Son.’ Every one who yields to the teaching of the Father’s indwelling spirit will eventually come to me. Not that any man has seen the Father, but the Father’s spirit does live within man. And the Son who came down from heaven, he has surely seen the Father. And those who truly believe this Son already have eternal life.” —– 153:2.11 The Urantia Book





this is me:

and this is what I sing:



6 thoughts on “God

  1. I sure am in Love with you Lord. I am definitely not worthy of the mercy and grace you lay at my feet every day, and I am positive that I do not deserve any of it, yet it is indeed happening.

    I can never say ‘thank you’ in any way that would convey how I feel in my heart and my soul. All I can do is devote my life to be here for You like You have been here for me.

    I promise to serve You forever. I will never quit and no one will ever see anything but good cheer from me no matter what is happening for as many forevers as You will have me. I promise to always be Your ‘sharpest blade’…✡♡✞♡✡


  2. i’m sorry, i’m not able to read your blog because the background obscures the writing


  3. Hi there
    Thank you so much for following my blog 🙂 what a blessing found your lovely blog. Thank you and God Bless.


  4. Great to meet you…I look forward to reading more of your posts. Thanks for visiting and following my blog! Om shanti


  5. Did you live in Seattle area? I do. We commented a few years ago through WordPress and I keep having prompts to reach out to you besides just the occasional post I receive from your blog here. — Dom


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