local 606

love is

a geometrically-patterned
sweater. she would wear it
more, were it not
for the horizontal, copper,
abrasive ribbing.    [plaits
of wool]  a long-faced doll. that
sits in the wooden white-
painted wicker chair.
that dreams in decades and
of good medicine from ageless land,
and that it will learn the way
to make contact.  [with the girl] lights,
the blood color,
a great water,
a seed. the thin,
metal taste, in air
about the tarnished          [silver]
box. it is an angle of shade
in the garden that leans into vines
and the towered stones. holding
a triangle of air
under her right hand, and placing it
over her sex while she sleeps. she becomes
insulated.  [she feels safe] the virgin
mary in a rose-
scented wax, burning on
a night. oh,
roses. by themselves, just
roses. her memaw, who had the funeral
flowers to grow
in her backyard. when they would walk
the long halls and call time
and temperature on redial in order
to set the clocks. the twenty-three different chambers
of tock that would speak
to one another, and feverishly so
when the mississippi
pine would put forth the dizzying
cicada chorus and the sun was cutting just
so.          [the sky and dirt are sanguid] yellowed
music box,
the aroma of something knit,
trapped, or stored indefinitely,
for their boundless degradation
sleep. it could be her
bag of rocks,          [rocks of different sizes
with the initials            to carry]
in permanent marker. she missed that week
when they set them back down. she writes “maybe
i’ll drown them in a sea. an
ocean. a great mass
of water, would take them,
surely.” she writes. it is
a plan. a desire to have the face
of someone else, actually
close to your own, and separate
face.          [zwei verschiedene reflektierende Flächen]
and to hold it
as one needed. it is breeding a gold
chocobo in ff7 and therefore:
the knights of the round
materia. with the melodies
assigned to journeys
to always,
save. always
save.                     [the world]  an ally,
comrade, the wild
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