local 606

the blue light experiment


i prefer tonight. just
don’t speak. don’t
knock, he says. a scar

[in worship]

appears just to her
right: a jagged flesh rift. another hides
her face. the moment is here
in which she must put on her shoes.

the woman between the ankhs
speaks in folding
drones. her features pace between
the living layers and shake
to the vanishing place. what is

your name? she asks
as she puts the black cloak around
the girl’s seated body.
the girl’s face is hit

by the blue, while the march plays and
a corona appears. the girl remembers
the red dirt of a place she never
visited and how
she once crossed the long stretch
there, in mission. there were

people with her. she is systems
away and drums sound
from the Pleaides. hands of the order

in unison raise–i saw
a young man, they say.
a warrior, was seen tonight
on the girl’s face. he was certainly
a warrior of some long-ago tribe,
they agree. the red below her belly glows and cobalt!
her hair. then, tell me

everything, he says, and listens to this
everything. the girl heard herself
speak and thinks: how
trite, how numb i sound,
but i feel–
he said oh my God and

i don’t believe–
the girl thinks her ‘i

know’ into a narrative. she has grown
away from it all,
with purpose, now. when she tells

[the story]

to survive–this
isn’t real! this
can’t be true. so, she moves

backwards over
the tellings and oh, they won’t
fade, they are fact in the
hands over the face
protected. her gut

is the vacuum of souls
again. he puts a hand around her
chest cavity, saying something like

i do this and i assume
the other humans favor it,
as he presses the hand. he doesn’t know

she feels it there. where
is the space she drives to fill and why
a void? he can’t know,
but he knows. her

boy’s throat clicks
behind her. she sees–in
an instant–the dropped beads! play

jewelry from the Alamogordo
store–after the space
museum, and after the dunes.

her boy’s lip’s are relaxed in
sleep, and he sucks at the air as he used to
when an infant. her breasts
ache because he is still
hers. yes still, he
belongs to her.

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